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How to develop beverage machine into the high-end market?

Posted: 2017-04-17 15:26

1: Improve production efficiency

Improving Production efficiency which can reduce product cost,meeting with the delivery time.High speed packing machine needs the connection with the former working procedure,and it is without transporting links,including controlling connection.such as cold filling production line ,from plastic material automatic transportation line to beverage filling line ,packing and palletizing, they should produce in a closed job-shop automatically.

2、Adapting the products renewal and changing

Packing machine is with high flexibility.The production line allows the packing size changing in a certain size range.Because the product life cycle is shorter than machine using life.modifying the product and packing so that it is no need to change expensive packing production line.

3、 Machine common fault repaired quickly

Type ahead the solution into the computer,when the machine meet the common fault ,then it can do self-diagnosis and it also can get the remote fault diagnosis and debug.

4、 With Automatic Identification function

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