Customer  Service:

1. After the equipment acceptance, we guarantee the quality with one year, and serve in time when need. Once equipment goes wrong, after receiving information, under the condition that there is no special things, maintenance man will respond with 48 hours.

2. Beyond the period of warranty, this company will offer technological service and customer service for life.

Technical  Service:

I. Quality assurance

1、This firm guarantee that all the goods provided is absolutely new. They have never been used. All the goods are newly designed and made in suitable material. They all comply with the contract in quality, spec and function.

2、This firm guarantees that the production line, which is installed and debugged under correct guide, commissioning test run in 5 days, will reach to technical characteristic index.

II. Installation and debugging

As soon as equipments were transported to user’s workshop, the user should set equipments according to floor chart offered by supplier. This firm would send old stager to guide workers of the demand side installation, debugging and trial production, and help them reach ability of design, installation and debugging. Planed time: 11 days

III. Training

1、This firm is responsible for providing the buyer technical training. Training contents contain equipment structure and maintenance, equipment controlling and operating. Place of training is arranged by the buyer. This firm will send qualified technician to guide the work and work out an outline of training.

2、Through training, technician from the buyer will master corresponding operation and skill of maintenance. And they will debug proficiently and troubleshoot in time.

Equipment  Acceptance

I. Acceptance standard

1、All of the defective products ≤ 0.2 %

1) Leaking bottles: a squeeze bottle upside down with their hands dripping.

2) No cap, capping damage or distortion covered.

3) Card bad bottle or serious injury bottles.

2、8 hours continuous operation all line, with an average of qualified products stable ≥ 99%

3、Material in the bottle to the top of the bottle is controlled at less than 25mm

4、Filling the production process of finished products of health indicators is in line with the beverage industry standards

5、With regard to products of microbial indicators of acceptance in accordance with the national beverage industry standard for sampling and testing, the results of micro-organisms should be in line with industry standards.

II. Acceptance procedure

1、At the seller's factory finished debugging, testing after passing the pre-acceptance, and acceptance after passing the two sides signed before shipment.

2、The buyer's factory installation, commissioning completed, after passing the examination of the entire production line system demonstration, authorized after the final acceptance. At the same time for operation, maintenance and other technical training, qualified acceptance after the two sides signed the entry into force.

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