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Sterile filling revolution :Immediate filling

Posted: 2017-04-17 15:26

Filling tea, juice, wine, dairy products, sauces, vegetables, spices and other sensitive to microbial product bottled technology is a challenge to the traditional, because there may be microbes may lead to the breeding of bacteria and mold, causing damage to the product color and taste. To solve the problem of the traditional method is to use hot filling, but hot filling technology there are many shortcomings, such as the container cost is high, the product for a long time exposure in the condition of high temperature causes the loss of flavor, and high energy consumption, etc.

In recent years, the cold aseptic filling is considered to be a feasible alternative to hot filling method, this method USES the standard of lightweight bottle, not the heavier thermoforming containers, and hot filling is different, don't have to be asked for hot filling material to guarantee the health of the container, but by controlling the filling of the environment to ensure sanitation. However, although these sterile measures can keep drinks or food nutrition, still need to sterilization container itself, so still need higher investment and running costs, the typical sterile sterile water filling line need washing bottle, connection channel, washing machine, aseptic water generator and removal equipment, cleaning and sterilizing agent and the equipment needs higher cost of clean room contains inside, this will bring inconvenience to the operator.

PET bottle filling technology is currently the most innovative directly to Italy west palmer SIPA dozen firms bottle resin integrated manufacturing system is combined with aseptic filling gland system.

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