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LYP bottle unscrambler is an automatic bottle filling machine for soft drinks, the product is designed and developed based on the research of Italy advanced equipment , the reliability , main parameter , the appearance and the quality has reached the international level . It is used for conveying the racket PET bottle onto the production line neatly.
The main body of the machine is made of excellent stainless steel, the other parts also adopts the non-toxic, durable material. The Electric, pneumatic systems adopts the imported parts, all the work progress is controlled by PLC programmable, with low failure rate and high reliability. This machine is suitable for  500ml - 1.5 L PET bottles. Different sizes of bottles only to change some parts.
Working principle :
The working progress of the equipment:
Bottle storehouse --store hopper --bottle arrangement --star wheel bottle outleting --air fan
The PET bottles are fed into the store hopper by store storehouse or auxiliary artificial , to the arranging system by the strap upgrading ,the strap of ascension to bottles, then into the hanging bottle frame by the guided rod , driving along the track of hanging bottle frame , then into the air fan path by the star wheel bottle out-letting , sent to the bottle conveying chain by the air fan track , the whole progress is controlled by the automatic PLC programming.
The upgrading framework :
It is composed of the store hopper, upgrading strap, the machine frame, operated through the motor in the bottle detector controller in the inside barrel.
The arranging framework:
It is composed of the main body, bottle handing frame, star wheel out letting system. The mainframe sent the bottles into the bottle handing frame , and the frame will turn over the bottle forward to the star wheel , then the star wheel send the bottles into the air orbit.
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