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This equipment mainly consists of alkali tank, clean water tank, cut-off valve and centrifugal pump, etc.
★ Alkali tank and the pitcher
Alkali tank used to store cleaning fluid, in accordance with the cleaning process may require the preparation of cleaning liquid ingredients, concentration, and cans through the base of steam heating coil, cleaning fluid can be heated to the required temperature, atmospheric pressure is a tank containers , Made with stainless steel plate, a cylinder temperature thermometer, you can display the temperature in the corresponding tank, a cylinder under the output interface (that is the outlet of centrifugal pumps).
Fluid reservoir structure is cylindrical. Steam pipe use ordinary cylindrical mixing regulation, and adopt health control of food, considering the requirements of industrial hygiene, and liquid contact parts adopt stainless steel materials.
The cleaning device that set a fluid reservoir, from the positive side, the right side is alkali tank, the left side is clean water tank, and they are separately filled into alkali liquor, running water and pure water. Before using, alkali will be heated, heating mode adopted saturation steam (3kg/cm2), through the pipe heating directly. After using the liquid heating, according to certain procedures for filling machine or other devices to rinse circular automatically and in order to remove remnants materials of the pipe system and disinfection, sterilization.
★ Both sides of valve plug are installed silicone rubber ring, and the valve seats to form the seal, this silicone rubber stretch is good, high temperature, acid and alkali-resistant, sealed good performance.
★ According to the actual need, the machine can be manual operated. Press the "start" button of centrifugal pump, water pump can send out clean water according to needs of cleaning time, pump is sent by cleaning, according to the lye dissolving the size of the container, and pollution incrustation. After confirming the corresponding of alkali washing time, the lye is recycled.
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