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DR18-4 Filling-capping machine for Pop Canned Drinks
This combined machine is used for isobar filling and capping of beer and carbonated drinks. It adopts the most advanced mechanical, electrical, pneumatic control technique in the world, with such advantages as stable filling, fast speed, easy control to liquid surface, reliable sealing, frequency modulation speed adjustment, little loss of material, etc. Our company can install remote control system according to requirements of customers. This equipment is priority and ideal facility for medium-size beer and all kinds of beverage in pop cans.
Technical parameter:
Ø        Production capacity:           100~120cans/min(335ml)
Ø        Timing scale:                 6000~7200cans/min
Ø        Filling heads:                   18
Ø        Capping heads:                  4
Ø        Power of the whole machine:       5.5KW
Ø        Consumption of the compressed air:    1.2m3/h(0.3Mpa)
Ø        Consumption of the asepsis air:        1.8m3/h(0.4Mpa)
Ø        Consumption of the water:           0.2m3/h
Ø        Dimension of the machine:          3200×2200×2800mm

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