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 Functions of the machine
1.The machine uses multifunctional touching screen, PLC control, photoelectrical inspection, principle of changing frequency to regulate speed. It realizes the integration of light, machine and electric. The mechanism design is adopted Korea technology. Main components and electric organ are imported from GermanyKorea , Japan or Taiwan . Producing material selects high quality oxidized aluminum alloy 304 stainless steel.They are designed reasonably,moved hamonily, used connviently,labeled fastly precisely and evenly.They fit kinds of shapes of bottles and kinds of sizes labels.especially labeling on two sides of flat bottles and quatrate bottles,It is a generalized type and multifunctional automatically label machine.
2.This machine uses vertical type labeling, special orientation,pressing equipment to ensure bottles standing steadily.Frame head can make up-and-down,front-and-back, pitching adjustment to suit for labeling on anomolistic object. Special orientation and pressing equipment   makes label evenly.It is added to printing machine and finishes pringting label meanwhile. .Especially suitable for two-sides labeling on symmetrical or anisomerous flat or elliptical object on food ,cosmetic and medicine industry.
3.This machine is composed of seven parts:disparting bottles mechanism,revising mechanism,pressing mechanism, conveying mechanism, label applying mechanism. Namely frame head and pressing mechanism and toucing operation screen.The constructure of each components are reasonable,operating and controlling connviently. Applicability is strong.
4. While operation,conveying equipment can be adjusted with work line,it can provide labels automatically, only need to link the labels on specification. It will stick the bottles on the position needed precisely. If happens to lack of label,fiber sensor passes this signal to the control system.machine will stop work automatically and give an alarm.Machine returns to start labeling on restarting machine.If lack of bottles,machine does not come label out.
5.Basic parameters (unit: mm):
Object to apply: kinds of shapes of objects standing steadily 
Labels: adhesive label
Number of labels to apply: 2pieces, one piece on one side
Size (length × width × height): 2440×1300×1700
Height of conveyer belt: 1340 60
Object labeled width: 20-120 ф20-ф120
Object labeled height: 20300
Label length: 15300
Label height: 15190
Internal diameter of label tape: Φ40Φ76
External diameter of label tape ≤Φ350
Sticking label speed: 0100 pieces/min(depends on the size of labels
Precision: Standard column 1
Power supply: 220V, 50HZ, 0.46KW
Machine weight: 480kg
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