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Features:This water treatment system is mainly used to deal with water from underground, spring water, tap water,or other water, then to get the pure water or mineral water for drinking.
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Water treatment system
Such water treatment system includes raw water pump, water storage tank, silica sand filter, water purifier, sodium-ion exchanger (containing regenerating system),  hollo fiber filter, precision filter, ozone sterilizers and so on..
functions of the filters in water treatment system
1. silica sand filter, to get rid of the suspended matter in water
2. water purifier, to get rid of the smell, some metal matters in the water to get pure water without smell and bad taste
3. sodium-ion exchanger to soften the water, reduce hardness of the water
4.hollow fiber filter, to get rid of unnecessary salt in water to get a function of desalination
5. precision filter, to get rid of the impurity in the water which cannot be seen by eyes
This water treatment system is used to obtain mineral water for drinking, which is healthy for body..
According to different water quality report from customers, equipments in the water treatment system would be probably changed.
This line in the picture is for 10Ton per hour water treatment, 10,000 liter per hour.. As for customers requirements and demand for the output water, we can also offer 2T/H to 50T/H..
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