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This series of machine is developed by introduced special technology from Japan Mitsubishi heavy industry, which adopts international advanced technology of the late 90s, in the position of top among like products at home.  This mixer is suitable for all kinds of carbonated drinks’ mixing, and also, it is suitable for mixing processing of pulpiness beverage, fermented beverage and other beverage
Features of this machine:
◆Good material, perfect processing:Place of meeting beverage(such as container, pipeline and so on) is all made of imported 304 excellent low carbon stainless steel. Both inside and outside are polished sophisticatedly, which exactly is up to requirements regulated by international food sanitation.
◆ Full automatic with the alarm system: all the pressure in the can and the liquid level adjustment will be debugged automatically, via PLC to control the whole process of the operation. Once there go wrong, the alarm light and the alarm ring will be on to stop the machine automatically. It takes touch screen to control, all the operation will display on the touch screen.
◆ Easy operation and debugging:This machine is easy to operate. So long as rotating knobs as per approved procedure, normal operation can be realized. Without changing any part, you can debug the production capacity, water, syrup match and the gas content, and so on.
◆ Complete mixing, correct match: This machine adopts advanced technique, so it can mix completely. The mulling ratio of water and syrup is seriously controlled by measure pin valve, with precision up to 5%.
◆ Enough air with high efficiency: This mixing machine adopts normal temperature to oxygenate, with the oxygenation rate to above 90%. Also collocated with plate heat exchanger to mix the sugar water, and then cool and to secondary carbonation. So the air content is rich which could reach to 3 times.
◆ Self-cleaning, high cleanliness:This machine is compounded with CIP system. It can automatically clean and sterilize inside of mixer and filling machine without tearing down any part. Beverage produced by this machine, reproducibility of germ of each milliliter is below 5%, colon bacillus is 0, which exactly is up to requirements regulated by international food sanitation.
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