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PXGF series is for PET bottled beer filling. The capacity is from 10000BPH to 48000BPH.

Technical features

  • It is based on the experience and application optimization of PET bottled beverage filling technology.
  • Outside mounted long-tube filling valve adopts CO2 to replace air in the PET bottle to ensure low oxygen pickup.
  • As the spraying nozzle could elevate, so the bottle could be cleaned completely. At the same time, the rinsing water is saved.
  • Adopt direct connect with air conveyor bottle feeding technology and bottle neck holding conveying technology. It is very easy to change various bottle size.
  • The liquid level and pressure of filling carousel are controlled by simulation level probe and precise adjusting valve separately.
  • The filling carousel equips CO2 compensation device to ensure pressure stability and high-purity CO2 back pressure.
  • Before the capper, the high-pressure foam stipulator is equipped to lower the air to minimum in the bottle neck.
  • Equip centralized lubrication system to do automatic lubrication for all lubrication points. It is very convenient for operation and maintenance.
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