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Pure/Mineral Water Production Line

Derun washing-filling-capping 3-in-1 machine is a set of equipment with high precision and speed to fill liquid. It adopts bottle-neck block technology, not only avoiding second pollution to the bottle-neck, but also realizing filling different specs of bottles in one equipment, which greatly improved commonality of this equipment. Production capacity is 3000 bottles to 36000 bottles per hour. Main-frame machine adopts frequency controlling electric motor, which is much corwenient to adjust speed in scope of production capacity.

The Technical Parameter of the Pure/Mineral Water Production Line(Water Filling Machines):
Model Washing heads Filling heads Capping heads Production capacity (b/h) Power of main motor (kw)
DR16-12-6S 16 12 6 3500 2.2
DR18-18-6S 18 18 6 8000 3.5
DR24-24-8S 24 24 8 12000 4.5
DR32-32-10S 32 32 10 15000 5.5
DR40-40-10S 40 40 10 18000 5.5

Main Features of those water filling machines:
• Adopting direct connection between air conveyor and inlet starwheel which is easier for bottle changing.
• Adopting clamp transferring technology. Bottle shapes are more varied, and the working table inside the machine is more laconic.
• With little abrasion, stable transferring, easy to change bottles.
• Stainless steel bottle clamp avoids a 2nd contamination.
• With high filling speed and exact fluid level.
• Excellent stainless steel or food level plastic to liquid. Electric system is of international brand and achieves national food sanitary standard.
• The bottle-out starwheel is of screwdown shape. No need to adjust transferring chain’s height to different bottles.
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