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Principles outlined:
1. Machine using high-quality stainless steel and aluminum production, a reasonable structure of the compact, easy to adjust.
2. No need to bolt can be easily mobile, flexible production line with the venue.
3. Rack shrink film label, according to the different label paper tube 5 "-10" to facilitate adjustment.
4. Can be simple to install and easy to square bottle with a round bottle.
5. Without tools, mechanical drive can be easily adjusted for different-type bottle.
6. A unique set of standard methods, the use of repression set-tender, convenient and reasonable.
7. Horsepower automatic feeding and at the same time leveling contraction membrane materials and adjust tension.
8. To cut off the label detection system to ensure the minimum error.
9. Unique design specifications in the knife set, to avoid ATC Tower, the tool change quickly and easily.
10. Clamping of the central pillar system, rapid change, without any tools.
11. Label positioning device, according to the needs of container shapes can adjust the location of the landing and taking off simultaneously.
2. Sub-bottle screw, positioning belt, chain simultaneous use of the adjustment methods to adjust the speed of simple and quick.
13. Servo motor and Japan to adopt high-sensitivity photo, cut the length of standard accuracy.
14. Stainless steel electrical control box, using Japan's Mitsubishi PLC.
15. Advanced automatic control man-machine interface technology, the key electrical components are used internationally well-known businessmen.
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