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This model is specifically used for the mineral water, fruit juice, liquor, beer, infusion bottle, etc. Product development, dedicated and strong, stable performance, packaged Products fastening, beautiful, single-push machine.
A unique split design technology, automatic sealing machine and double-cycle shrinking machine, machine to use, can be used alone.
Sealing and cutting Machine is used Italian cold-cut / fervent advanced technology, fully in line with international quality standards, and quality is stable and reliable.
Shrinkable machine motor speed control using variable frequency / mechanical manual/electronic speed regulator, such as different speed control methods fit different varieties of heat-shrinkable packing requirements.
Shrinkable machine using hot and cold air dual-circulatory system, the channel within the heat evenly, shell to reach room temperature effects, both to save energy, while ensuring that the contraction effect.
Using the German Agency for Technical Shrinkable Teflon belt transmission network, the mesh-belt heat exchange retardation, carrying less heat, high temperature, wear-resistant, anti-stretch and many other advantages; become mainstream packaging industry of high-grade configuration.
The pneumatic components to PLC as the core control, synchronous control the use of machinery, mechanical interlocking control, to ensure the safety of the use of machines.
Replacement of mold can be applied through a variety of packaging varieties.
Whole structure is rational and the framework is stability, in a certain range energy efficient implementation. Production safety and improve production efficiency significantly.
Power supply: 220V 50Hz
The style of packing: 3×5,4×5,4×6
Power: 2kw
Max. package dimension: 420×280×240 mm(Can be customized)
The speed of packing: 17-22 p/m
Air pressure: 0.5-0.7MPa
Rated current: 10A
Machine dimensions: 4500×2500×1700 mm
Contraction matching infrared furnace hot air circulation
Power pressure: Three-phase five lines
Power: 22KW
Conveying speed: 0-15m/min
Max. Package dimension: 1225×600×500 mm
Machine dimensions: 2465×840×1700 mm
Weight: about 600 kg
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